Judith Blackstone is a licensed clinical psychotherapist in New York and an innovative teacher who has been working with clients and students since 1987. In this well-done work, she reports on her own journey as a "spiritually sensitive" person along with the accounts of others she has counseled in her practice. What kind of person is Blackstone talking about?

He or she is empathetic, able to sense what is going on within others, possesses abundant energy, is emotional, and is very impressionable. His/her gifts of insight into suffering and loss often causes others to call him/her an "old soul." But at the same time, the spiritually sensitive person can come across as imbalanced and hard to accept.

Over the years, Blackstone has determined that spiritually sensitive souls have trouble being resilient, grounding themselves, being happy, being authentic, and cultivating self-acceptance. The healing process that addresses these issues is the Realization Process that revolves around embodiment, which she defines as "a method of realizing spiritual oneness." Blackstone presents exercises designed to free the body from defensive holding patterns and the mind from habitual patterns.