There are now more than 1,000 labyrinths in the United States located in 42 states. Well over a million people have walked them. And more are being created in churches, hospitals, prisons, schools, retreat centers, parks, playgrounds, gyms, and parking lots. Helen Curry helped found the Labyrinth Society in 1998; it now has 200 members worldwide from the U.S., Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and Singapore.

This illuminating resource contains a treasure trove of material for anyone walking the labyrinth or hosting the experience for others. Curry discusses how this ancient ritual has been used for protection, good fortune, empowerment, connection to the earth, and spiritual insight. The labyrinth has been seen as a symbol for the cycles of life and for pilgrimage. The author presents quotes from a Book of Reflections, the guest book used by the Labyrinth Project in Connecticut, to illustrate the wide range of responses to this ritual. She notes, "It helps to think of walking the labyrinth as though it were a sacrament, an outer symbol of an inner grace."

Those intrigued by the devotional aspect of walking the labyrinth will appreciate the author's "Guided Meditation for Preparing to Walk" and similar material on each of the three parts of the journey — walking toward the center, being in the center, and walking back out. Curry's suggestions for setting your intentions, shedding expectations, and taking a measure of your feelings are very helpful.

One of the most creative sections of the book is the one containing over 18 ceremonies that can be used in conjunction with walking the labyrinth, including ones for Spring Equinox, New Year's Eve, Winter Solstice, and much more. The final treat is a state-by-state directory of labyrinth locations.

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