Suzanne Bloom, author of A Splendid Friend, Indeed, has a knack for presenting both the delights and the challenges of friendship. Goose, Bear, and the Fox return as the three main characters in this spunky tale about gifts, giving, and surprises. Writer and illustrator Bloom has aimed this picture book at children ages 2 - 6 years of age.

Fox visits Bear and finds him busy making a gift. He hopes that it is for him but it isn't. He assures Bear that Goose doesn't like surprises but he does. Fox finds his other friend making a surprise gift for Bear and now is really upset to be left out. So he decides to create the ultimate gift which will rock Bear and Goose and enable them to see him more clearly.

We love the three inimitable characters in this series of children's books. They help kids see that friendship blooms when it is watered by patience, generosity, and wonder.