Walt Whitman (1819-1892) was a great American poet who forged his own mystical religion based on unity, reverence for nature and the human body, the connections between all living beings, and a belief that the divine presence was a force and energy permeating the world.

Connie Shaw, a publisher and poetry lover who lives in Boulder, Colorado, and Ike Allen, co-creator of Leap! and other movies about consciousness, have created a daybook containing snippets of verses from Whitman's poetry and set them in tandem with suggestions for action or reflection.

The authors have taken this celebrated poet's love of nature and his ability to see spirituality everywhere as signs of his alignment with Taoism. In the 52 weeks of material, you will find Whitman's takes on paradox, silence, compassion, wonder, mystery, passion, reverence, devotion, peace, and more.

Whitman writes:

"Good or bad I never question you — I love all — I do not condemn any thing,
I celebrate all that is yours"

Now there is Taoism revived and come alive in this extraordinary poet's mind and soul. This daybook will warm your heart and send sparks flying here and there in your consciousness.