"The Tao Te Ching leads outward, promoting successful action because it first leads inward," writes Diana Dreher in this new edition of her 1990 book. "If we look beneath the clamor and clutter of our lives, we recognize our own inner rhythms, which are part of the overarching rhythms of nature. By following these rhythms, we can find greater peace for ourselves. By honoring these rhythms in others, we can bring greater peace to our world."

Dreher, who teaches workshops on meditation and inner peace in the San Francisco Bay area, believes that the Taoist principles of dynamic balance, cyclical growth, cosmic awareness, and harmonious action can revitalize our inner and outer worlds. This well-done guidebook offers questions, exercises, jounaling techniques, affirmations, and quotations from the Tao's teachings on living in the present, balancing the forces of yin and yang, practicing nonresistance, facing fears, and living in equilibrium with the environment.

Let us close with a timely quote from the Tao Te Ching. "There is no greater disaster / Than enemy-making. For then you lose your treasure, / Your peace."