Caroline W. Casey, author of Making the Gods Work for You, believes that astrology has three purposes: it can be used to describe the characteristics of an event, person or time; it teaches us how to dance with the qi (life force) of the universe; and it challenges us to reverent celebration. Casey sees this six-cassette, nine-hour audio workshop as "a ritual starter kit" with the goal of engaging our associative creative minds.

Think of this resource as a guide to "conversing with the universe." Casey presents her ideas on the planets, signs, houses, aspects, transits, retrogrades, and your birth chart. You can honor Mercury and the signs of Gemini and Virgo by walking in windy places, by feeling like a trickster, and by remembering to be in love with words. If Pluto is your planet and Scorpio your sign, practice the mantra "Not my will, but thine be done"; become comfortable with not knowing, and release control. Visionary Activist Astrology comes with a substantive 22-page study guide. Casey is a top-of-the-line astrological consultant.

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