"Beauty is being fully yourself, without being full of yourself. When you share generously of yourself, you are beautiful. When you know the beauty of yourself as you, then you know the beauty of others as themselves. . . . Self and nonself complete each other, and beauty shimmers," writes Robert Meikyo Rosenbaum, a Zen Buddhist for more than 30 years who currently teaches at the Wen Wu School and the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is the author of Zen and the Heart of Psychotherapy.

Taoism is a rich resource of spiritual teachings and the author has a knack for delving deep into these writings and pulling out wisdom that illuminates our everyday lives. Here are some of the subjects he covers with elan: the art of being fearless; the ability to let go of contentious argument; how to stop comparing yourself to others; contentment as caressing the qualities of your life; and composure as a form of equanimity.