"Happiness is a skill we can teach our children and ourselves, and it's easier than we think," states Rob Goldblatt, a clinical psychologist who is also an illustrator, a writer, and a comedy performer. In this children's picture book, a boy decides to get rid of everything that makes him sad. But it's not so easy. Every video he watched had sad parts. He could throw out all the toys that might break but that meant losing their pleasures too. Even his dog, gerbil, and goldfish would not be around forever. He tried to shut himself in his room away from sad things. And then an epiphany hit him: the things that made him sad were also the things that made him happy. He can't exclude sadness from his life because it is connected to joy, and the two work together.

This cathartic resource is designed for children 4 years and older. Here boys and girls who have experienced sadness will see that running from it leads us down a dead-end street: it is only by working through this emotion that we can truly find the path to happiness.