In this insightful children's picture book written by Thierry Robberecht and delightfully illustrated by Annick Masson, a little girl expresses her anger and frustration that her parents don't let her do anything she wants — whether it's freely expressing her emotions or sleeping all day. They want a well-behaved girl but she wants to behave like a monkey, a pig, a squirrel, a sloth, a boar, a hippo, a llama, and a whale. If these animals can snort, belch, stick their tongues out, and burp, why can't she? The restrictions on the little girl's behavior lead her to conclude: "I can't do anything."

In a "Note to Parents," Tammy Hughes discusses setting family rules and talking freely about manners and socially accepted behavior. This is a much needed resource given the fact that families are the last line of defense against a growing tide of incivility and rudeness on all levels of society. Since the schools and religious organizations are not taking responsibility for teaching civility, the only place left to do so is the family. I Can't Do Anything is designed for children from the ages of 4 through 8 years of age.