Melannie Svoboda is on the staff of the Jesuit Noviate in Berkley, Michigan. As the author of "Everyday Epiphanies" and "Traits of a Healthy Spirituality," she has trained herself to discern the presence of the Holy One in everyday moments. For her, paying attention is a practice that has large dividends for the Christian believer.

In this fine collection of 100 meditative pieces, Svoboda rummages around for God while doing the dishes, making dumplings, waiting for a traffic light to change, reading the comics, watching children play, taking stock of good habits, treating herself to an ice cream cone, and much more.
There was a time when the ringing of the Angelus bells at six o'clock in the morning, at noon, and at six o'clock in the evening reminded Christians to remember the Annunciation. Now we can find in our daily lives other kinds of bells announcing the presence of God. Melannie Svoboda demonstrates just how this can be done in "Rummaging for God."

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