In the United States, one in five people suffer from chronic anxiety. Over extended periods, this malaise can lead to heart disease, depression, decreased productivity, and even death. In this handy and helpful paperback, international stress management specialist Neil Shah outlines alarm, resistance, and exhaustion as its three stages and then moves on to what stress does to the body. The ways most people try to cope with this assault on the body and mind only make things worse.

Shah, the founder and director of the UK-based Stress Management Society, has come up with a 10-Step Stress solution which includes the following actions:

• Prioritize your health.
• Get a good night's sleep.
• Practice deep breathing.
• Stay hydrated.
• Eat for well-being NOT for stress.
• Get moving to combat stress.
• Adopt a positive mindset.
• Be a master of your time.
• Don't be a slave to technology — master it.
• Learn to say no.