James Phillips Noble is a Presbyterian minister who served as pastor of four churches and then served as Co-President of the Board of Pensions for the Presbyterian Church. This devotional and creative expression of his Christian faith could be seen as his Commonplace Book — a collection of his favorite quotations, writings from others, and large selection of his poems (written from the 1960s to the present time). The material is organized into 16 sections on life, Christian experience, religion, faith, providence, adversities, challenges, character, grace/forgiveness, history, social change, death/eternal life, God's will, mystery, atheism, and general.

Here is a poem by Noble titled "Mystery and Faith."

There are mysteries that lie beyond our dust.
God's gift of the eye of faith
Enables us to trust God with those mysteries
When knowledge has no answers.

We seek to explore all mysteries
And many past mysteries
Are mysteries no more.
But for all unexplainable mysteries,
And there will always be such mysteries,
The eye of faith
Will enable us to leave them
To the eternal God
Who moves in mysterious ways,
God' s wonders to perform."