The last line in Georges Bernanos's Diary of a Country Priest is "Grace is everywhere." Dominic Grassi, pastor of St. Josphat Parish in Chicago, believes that this quality of God's presence surrounds us every moment of every day in small, almost imperceptible ways. In this endearing and robust series of vignettes from the lives of family, friends, and associates, he shows how grace abounds: "It is a blessing to know that ours is not a God of thunderbolts who will respond with a scorched-earth policy every time we annoyingly continue our sinful ways. Instead, God remains incredibly patient, working with us, gracing us, knowing that in time, most likely we will respond to all the love and care that is so freely and unconditionally given to us."

Grassi divides the book into seven sections with stories about God's patience, justice, absence, image, order, word, and gentleness. Among the people you'll meet on these pages are a scam artist, a hoarder of toilet paper, a wise bag lady, an angry woman in a parking lot, a priest friend, and the author's parents and siblings. Savoring the many rainbow hues of grace is an important part of the Christian calling. Grassi shows us how to discern God's presence in the stories of our lives.