Here is a companion volume to A Season in the Desert: Making Time Holy. Both books explore sacralization — the process of making all aspects of life holy. W. Paul Jones brings a unique perspective to this task as a Catholic priest who for many years was a United Methodist minister. He feels called to be a bridge between these two denominations with "a Protestant mind and a Catholic heart."

Jones believes that Christians are called to honor and celebrate matter, things, flesh, and all creation because of the Incarnation. In chapters on "Space-Time" and "The World of Sacrament," he spells out the links between spirituality and mystery, liturgy and Eucharist, meaning and the Holy Spirit. "It is immersion in the Eucharist that can make adoration and awe basic attitudes of one's soul,", he notes, "attitudes that alone know what it means to find delight in the splendor and beauty of God."

The last sections of this soul-stretching volume revolve around the rainbow of meanings inherent in the spiritual practice of beauty. Jones shares his experiences of this during a pilgrimage to the Grand Canyon and in his respect for the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. He concludes: "In the end, beauty is the gift of imagination, the call of creativity, the vision of life under promise, a fondness for the materials of God's creation, and a belief that the Spirit has taken up residence in human space."