Barbara Mahany is a former reporter and columnist for the Chicago Tribune. In this fresh and richly lyrical work, she takes us on a joy ride through the four seasons. Along the way, she tutors us in the art of everyday spirituality.

Mahany is enchanted by the depth of winter, the quickening of spring, the plenitude of summer, and the awesomeness of autumn. For each of the four seasons, she presents a wonderlist of things to be attentive to and to savor with gratitude. She also presents 14 blessings to intertwine with the rhythms of each season. Wonders abound in her field notes, several essays, and a recipe.

Here are some blessings from each season:

"Bundle up for a meandering walk in the end-of-winter woods, marvel at the survival of so many species. Marvel at your own."

"It's seesaw season, yin and yang. It's stripping off old skin, it's starting over. It's tender and it's green, beginning green. Everything feels tender all over. Even us, some days. Be kind with your tender spots — they might just be where essential truths seep in."

"There's no substitute for a summer's rain. No rinse of all the earth that so revives what dwells here. Summer's rain is balm, soothes parts of us we didn't even know were hurting. Till we hear the whoosh, or pit-a-pat. And then the healing washes over us."

"Now's the interlude when leaves drop their drab summer-worn green for jaw-dropping amber and gold, copper and crimson. The slant of sun drops in the sky, as we twirl farther and farther away, it is all in autumn's call to attention."

Barbara Mahany calls Slowing Time "A book of wonder." And so it is. It encourages us to marvel at the world of this and that. The author keeps us alert to the parade of delights in the natural world and within our sacred homes. Her poetic prose quickens our pulses and sends us on way rejoicing.