Anna reads her father's body and mind and determines that he is restless and "not looking forward to something." Then she reads the clouds, the flight of birds, and the nails falling from the sky. When the time is right, she and her father jump through a hole in the sky and follow some flying fish.

They listen to a heavenly song and then have their hearts lifted when they look down on a large group of people including Grandad and the old postman. They surmise that Anna's mom is in the garden doing some weeding, visiting someone she hasn't seen for a while, or at the library. Anna and her father, after their enchanted journey, fall from the sky and land on their feet just like cats do.

Stiane Hole is a Norwegian author and illustrator who has written a delightful fantasy about a daughter reversing roles with her dad and taking him on a heavenly pilgrimage that is so imaginative and lyrical that it gave us goose bumps just reading it silently. When read aloud, it is even more alluring. Anna's Heaven by Stian Hole is a wonder-full children's picture book for kids grades three - five.