In The Book of Words, Rabbi Laurence Kushner writes:

"Blessings keep our awareness of life's holy potential ever present. They awaken us to our own lives. . . . With each blessing uttered, we extend the boundaries of the sacred and ritualize our love of life." This tradition has spread widely and many families sprinkle their prayers with expressions of gratitude for all the wonderful things in their lives.

Amy Schwartz expresses 100 blessings in this picture book for children from preschool through first grade. She begins with red socks and ends with "time with you." She comes up with many gems to be thankful for such as fuzzy sweaters, a comfy chair, baby toes, a puppy's nose, whipped cream, mud-puddles and a good-night kiss.

It is a good and helpful ritual to try to come up with 100 common things that make us happy. This book is a good way to begin.