In her foreword to this paperback, Alice Randall writes: "On behalf of all of us who want to be safe, sufficient, and delicious; to connect us to the land and to justice; to be about, at once, in the same bite, health and deliciousness, innovation and tradition, I applaud Ali for writing a book that celebrates our diverse ways and means and common purposes."

Ali Berlow is the author of The Mobile Poultry Slaughterhouse, the co-owner of the magazine Edible Vineyard, and founder of Island Grown Initiative, a grassroots nonprofit on Martha's Vineyard. In this accessible paperback, Berlow provides a smorgasbord of strategies and stories from an inspired band of food activists who have labored in the trenches for years.

Her chapter titles reveal the practical focus of the book: Start, Educate, Build, Grow, Connect, Speak, Harvest, Feed, Cook, and Engage. She provides plans for adopting a garden, hosting a farmer's dinner, and celebrating Food Day (October 24). She gives strategies for restricting food and beverage advertising in schools, campaigning for agricultural workers' rights, supporting humane slaughter, and seeking local funding for commercial Aquaponics.

For the suggestion that we host interfaith gatherings around food, Berlow includes discussion guidelines. See the excerpt for more ideas on ways to bring together food and religion.