Gunilla Norris is a writer, meditation teacher, and psychotherapist in private practice. Over the years, she has proven herself to be a connoisseur of everyday spirituality. Whether writing about home, places, gardens, silence, or nature; she imbues them all with a poetic and inspirational touch.

Norris takes us on a soulful journey through her country garden and the lands surrounding it. This meditative work is also a tribute to the seasons of a year. Evident on every page is the author's intimacy with everything she experiences or encounters.

Norris feels spring as a time brimming with possibility and joy. She revels in summer as a time of blossoming and notices: "Human blossoming, too, needs to be staked and supported. We need our family or circle of friends to hold us if we are going to open and let out the beauty that is in us."

Fall brings to mind the impermanence of all living beings and the challenge to let go instead of clinging to people, places, and things.
Peace and quiet accompany the winter season when snow falls and reveals to us our vulnerability and fragility.