Putting others first is a spiritual practice that ought to be taught in the home. Children get the message in our consumer culture that greed is okay and it's normal to claim things as "mine." It is not easy to get rid of the habit of putting our pleasures over the rights and delights of others.

The married team of Anna Kang, who wrote the text, and Christopher Weyant, who provided the illustrations, have hit the jackpot with this endearing morality play about two bears squabbling over a chair. They take turns trying to get the other to move, and soon we get the picture it would be better to share!

This lively children's picture book is designed for kids from ages 2 through 7. It is an evergreen work since this egocentric behavior has been going on among human beings for centuries. Kang and Weyant have just found the right medium to express it.