The question that has perplexed, fascinated and challenged us down through the ages is "Who am I?" In many cultures, answers have been spelled out with maps of the psyche known as typologies. These often ancient systems depict universal patterns among human beings. Typologies enable individuals not only to see their own traits but to contrast them with the traits of others.

Dondi Dahlin teaches the five elements personality type system at the Omega Institute in New York and at Eden Energy Medicine workshops around the world. The five elements had their genesis in the Chinse medicine tradition over 2,000 years ago. Understanding and using these tools help us to find more balance in our minds, bodies, and emotions.

Dahlin explains the efficacy of wood, the depth of water, the joy of fire, the compassion of earth, and the wisdom of metal. Each chapter consists of edifying and entertaining bits of information on the element such as the archetype, the season, stress response, famous people with this element, and animal connections. We were most interested in the author's lists of the major quests for the five elements: Water Personality (Searching for Meaning), The Wood Personality (Getting Things Done), The Fire Personality (Enjoying the Ride), The Earth Personality (Bringing People Together), and The Metal Personality (Yearning for Refinement).

The Five Elements by Dondi Dahlin will open new doors in your understanding of your personality and patterns you observe in others.