Writers and illustrators are always looking for fresh ways to present creative reading experiences. In this collaborative effort, two artists have come up with a work that does just that! A little girl describes herself as "a child of books" who comes from "a world of stories." She sails across a sea of words to invite a young boy to accompany her on an adventure into the delightful realm of stories.

The two characters float on their imagination as they travel over mountains of make-believe, come across treasures in the darkness, enter the enchantment in forests of fairy tales, and escape monsters in haunted castles. Imagination enables them to sleep in clouds of song and shout as loud as they please in space. In the home they create out of invention, all who come are changed by what they read, see, feel, and hear.

Jeffers and Winston have noted:

"From the very beginning we both wanted to create a tale that celebrates our own love of classic children's literature with an added modern twist. For us it was about capturing some of the magic that happens when you first get lost in a timeless story, but in doing it in a way that readers haven't seen before."

They have worked titles and passages from some of those classics into the illustrations. We highly recommend this delightful book and its embrace of imagination as an invaluable resource for a child's life journey.