Jeff Foster studied astrophysics at Cambridge University and loves sharing his own awakened experience and the miracle of "all this, here and now." For more on him and his work visit

"We'd like to introduce ourselves:
We are a new generation of spiritual inquirers.
We no longer require secondhand answers.
We no longer blame others for our suffering.
Our spirituality goes beyond cosmic guilt and punishment
and 'us and them' thinking."

These lines are from an essay titled "A New Spirituality" in which Jeff Foster sums up the search of those not affiliated with any religion but still curious about the rich resources of those walking the path of openness, peace, and love. This new generation of seekers reject the old paradigms which bowed down to dualism:

"And we finally understand
that wisdom and compassion,
absolute and relative,
duality and non-duality,
transcendence and immanence,
personal and impersonal,
human and divine,
were never divided at all."

Foster would have us "stop trying to fast-forward the movie of our life." That is why this paperback includes more than 200 essays divided into these sections:

  • Rest in Imperfection
  • Rest in Not Knowing
  • Rest in Pain and Devastation
  • Rest in Melancholy and Loneliness
  • Rest in Discomfort and Discontent
  • Rest in Impermanence and Transformation
  • Rest in Abundance and Beauty
  • Rest in Love
  • Rest in Silence
  • Rest in Being Present for Others
  • Rest in the Wholeness of Life
  • Rest in the Journey, Not the Destination

"Stop trying to figure everything out. Give in, give up, give all to the moment's embrace. Fall into not-knowing." Now that's sage advice for the spiritually independent. With humility, humor, and earnestness, Foster impresses with this down-to-earth wisdom.