We all have "want monsters" inside us. They are always pestering us with new desires. "All they want to do is make people happy, but you'd better watch out because if your Want Monster gets too big, you'll be in big trouble."

A little boy has named his Want Monster Oskar, and he has a hard time keeping him under control. For example, if the boy eats a cupcake, Oskar wants him to eat four more. When the boy enjoys playing a video game, Oskar compels him to play until his fingers are sore. And then he wants the boy to buy the latest version of the game. What's more, being the center of attention is of paramount importance to this driven monster.

In an encounter with a little caterpillar hiding in a flower, the boy learns what he can do to turn things around. He can just "let Oskar be Oskar." Each day as the boy declines to agree to what Oskar wants, the monster throws a temper tantrum and then calms down; the wants are forgotten. The monster shrinks in size until the boy renames him Oskarcito. They get along better, and the boy even tries to convince his companion to want things such as kindness and sharing because they make everyone feel good.

This immensely delightful spiritual parable by writer and illustrator Chelo Manchego has been designed for children ages 4 - 8. Originally from El Salvador, he now lives near the Los Angeles River where he goes to feed ducks and avoid doing homework. This is his first book. It is a thematically rich and very creative children's book about befriending our troublesome emotions.