Jim Manney is a popular author and editor of Ignatian spirituality books including God Finds Us, and What Is Your Decision? In the preface, he refers to the "lens" that colors and sharpens his vision: "It's a conviction that we can find God in all things, that our personal experience can provide authentic knowledge of God."

One of the primary tenets of the Ignatian tradition is that everywhere there is good to be done. That is why we are grateful to others who have bequeathed us with their gifts. We are also thankful to know that when we are feeling depressed, the best way out of this trap is to pray more and get active.

Through the spiritual practice of the daily examen, Ignatius prayerfully took note of his actions each day and kept alert for the lurking Divine Presence in his everyday experiences. This saint was convinced that the present moment is the only moment. He affirmed the need for both hope and humility in the repertoire of spiritual activities. Ignatius honored the Mystery of God and modeled for us a path of devotion and gratitude. We might also keep in mind that his motto was "For the Greater Glory of God."