Andy Otto writes from an Ignatian perspective in his blog GodInAllThings. He notes that God takes on flesh in the various experiences and people around us. The Divine presence is not limited to one thing to the exclusion of others. Or as Otto puts it: "A church does not contain God more than a field of corn. A priest is not more holy than a single mother. God is uncontained and unconfined."

This viewpoint is similar to that of Richard Rohr who has written that "the whole universe and all events are sacred (doorways to the divine) for those who know how to see." Otto suggests that we practice feeling God's gaze upon us in our everyday life. We will discover that the Creator is with us in the messy realities of this world such as pain, suffering, births, and deaths.

Ignatian spirituality also emphasizes the importance of making connections with God through the examen, the sacrament of the present moment, the power of ritual, and the soul of discernment. These tools enable us to praise, reverence, and serve the Holy One who communicates directly to us through experience.