When a friend's daughter was in grade school, she had a teacher who asked all the children in the class to choose an adjective beginning with the same letter as their first name. She then called them by both the adjective and the name throughout the school year. We decided our names would be Marvelous Mary Ann and Fabulous Frederic.

Many of the adjectives in this book would be good for this spiritual exercise: Adored, Brilliant, Curious, Daring, Excited, Kind, and Warm. But what we like about this book is that it covers a whole range of feelings. Sometimes we might feel Free and Heroic and other days, we might feel Grumpy, Invisible, Jealous, Nervous, Uncertain, and Yucky.

Bringing each feeling to life are wonderful illustrations made with watercolor and india ink. For example, for Relaxed, a child floats in a blue tiled swimming pool. For Quiet, a child sits in a huge theater of empty seats. A Patient child is working on a big jigsaw puzzle.

The last spread asks the reader: "How do you feel today?" That's always a great question, which makes this picture book appropriate for all ages.