Father Pig suggests a game to his little piglet. He'll start a phrase, and the piglet will finish the sentence.

"When I say 'I love,' you say 'you'."
"When I say 'love you', you say 'too'."

It turns out they can play this all day long.

"When I say 'pancakes,' you say 'more'."
"When I say 'syrup,' you say 'pour'."
"When I say 'swing me,' you say 'high'."
"When I say 'to the,' you say 'sky'."

In these days, when children spend a lot of time interacting with screens, whether a phone, a tablet, or a television, it's good to remind them of ways to interact with people. A bonus here is that the catalyst for this communication is a book. Alastair Heim has come up with lots of clever phrases, and Alisa Coburn's illustrations use vibrant pastels to catch the pleasure these pigs have in their life together. The book is designed for children ages 4 – 8.