Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther published 95 theses criticizing the Catholic Church and sparking a conflict among Christians that came to be known as the Protestant Reformation. This lavishly illustrated picture book with a text appropriate for ages 7 and up tells this dramatic story.

It opens with a description of what life was like in Luther's time, the Middle Ages. We learn about his early years as the oldest of nine children in a miner's family. Sent away to school, he was on his way home from university when he was nearly struck by lightning. He vowed that if he made it through the storm, he would become a monk. And so he did, much to his parents' dismay.

These little details make this famous story quite engaging for young readers. The author also explains the meaning of some of the theses and why they were considered so shocking in Luther's time. We learn about his travel to Rome, his banishment from the church, his run-ins with the emperor, his hiding out in Wartburg Castle, and his marriage and family life.

The detailed illustrations by Klaus Ensikat include many symbols, signs, and scenes from Luther's times. They are all annotated at the end of the book.