Father Thomas Keating, along with M. Basil Pennington, is co-founder of the Centering Prayer movement and of Contemplative Outreach, a worldwide nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging the practice of this Christian form of meditation. Spirituality & Practice has presented many e-courses in partnership with Contemplative Outreach, many of them highlighting Father Thomas's teachings.

Profiled in our Living Spiritual Teachers Project, Father Thomas is also known for his many gatherings with mystics and contemplatives of other religions. He has taken his ministry to seminarians, priests, lay people, and prisoners.

This lively and always fascinating paperback contains interviews with Keating by filmmaker and writer Lucette Verboven, a filmmaker and writer, and Joseph Boyle, who serves as abbot of the monastery where Keating resides in Snowmass, Colorado. These conversations give this master Christian a chance to express himself on a wide range of subjects including seeing contemplation as designed "to heal the wounds of a lifetime," the value of interior silence, accepting God as Unknowable, weakness as a stepping stone to depending deeply on God, the Prodigal Son and the Loving Father as his favorite Bible story, and hiking in the mountains as an experience of awe.