Young children naturally seek and find kinship with Earth's creatures. By fostering that kinship, we who care for them can fan their innate ties into a lifelong love with far-reaching ecological ripples.

A Prayer for the Animals deepens this spirt of caring. Reading like a Celtic blessing and a Buddhist mindfulness sutra, it asks that all the animals of the earth, air, and sky be at peace, free of hunger and fear, with calm hearts and minds. Kirk's charming digitally colored ink drawings touch upon the whole range of the animal kingdom, including wild animals, working animals, and pets. They reach into ever wider ecological circles, in hopes that animals may enjoy the gentle breeze, the shining moon and stars, even the dark and hidden places.

In the Author's Note that closes the book, Kirk reminds us that all around the world on October 4th each year, people celebrate World Animal Day or take part in the Blessing of the Animals associated with St. Francis of Assisi. He recommends some special ways to observe this important occasion. Even though he doesn't say so, his suggestions could — in the spirit of the saying "Every Day Is Earth Day" — bring an increase of peace, joy, and harmony any day of the year, both to animals and their human companions.