We have been reading and savoring the exquisite writing of psychotherapist Gunilla Norris for many years. Her lyrical prose and the beauty and the soulfulness of her everyday spirituality shine on every page, giving us a path to guide us on the way. It did not take us very long to immerse ourselves in Great Love in Little Ways and soon we were taking to heart her wishes:

"My hope is that this little book will be your friend, and that its edges will be worn by frequent use. May it encourage you. May it shine a little light on the ways you want to dwell in and cultivate kindness."

In three sections, Norris ponders reflections on self-kindness; reflections on kindness toward others; and reflections on the light of kindness. She starts off with a chapter rich with understandings of smiling, plain seeing, taking refuge, letting go, endings, and simple pleasures. Norris then moves on to kindness to others via hospitality, touch, the little step backwards, silence, beauty, and other qualities.

In our book Spiritual Literacy, we wrote: "Kindness is sometimes viewed as one of those effete virtues lacking in charisma or clout." Norris does not espouse that view! Kindness has great power to nurture and sustain us. She concludes with splendid insights into more values that are shared with others and then end with this quotation from the Talmud: "The highest form of wisdom is kindness."