There is a lyrical and spiritual tone to the title of this unusual and compelling book that begins with a foreword by the best-selling author Michael Pollan writing from his old dairy farm in Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut. He pays tribute to the 18 people who have graciously shared about their participation in meaningful dialogue with the land that speaks to them, provides an abundance beyond imagining, and lifts their spirits with beauty, bounty, and joy.

The authors of these essays include a farmer, an architect, an ecologist, a chef, a realtor, and a gardener. They all demonstrate a loving relationship with the landscape which many of them believe to be holy ground. They also want us to be aware of the potential consequences of human development of the land.

Adding to the appeal of this volume are the thought-provoking and creative photographs by Charles Lindsay. They invite us to commune with the sights and sounds of trees and toads, grasses and flowers, mushrooms and owls, streams and fields as we take in the wonders awaiting us in this place we call home.

All royalties from the sales of Voices of the Land will go to support land conservation efforts.