Anita Moorjani is the New York Times bestselling author of a memoir about her near-death experience and surviving cancer, Dying to Be Me. In this new book, she defines empathy as an “intuitive energetic ability,” a kind of sixth sense, a gift in special people. But it is also a gift that is often criticized as weakness. She wants to change that and create and empower more empathetic people in the world.

First, there are pitfalls to avoid, such as aversion to criticism and addiction to approval. Empaths are sensitive people. “Sensory overload” is another concern. Moorjani writes:

“Empaths seem to absorb the energies of those around us into our own field, so we could certainly get drained walking through crowded cities and shopping malls. Prolonged bouts of sensory overload can leave us feeling deeply fatigued, susceptible to headaches, or even lead to more serious illnesses. That’s what happened to me when I got cancer.”

But there is also “the beauty of your sensitivity,” and this is where Sensitive Is the New Strong shines. People with an empath’s sixth sense, Moorjani writes, tend also to have a stronger connection to “the other side, the unseen realm … where we’re all connected outside time and space.”

She offers tools and describes how to use them, for instance: unplugging, finding your inner mystic, connecting with cosmic consciousness (the part of us that is eternal), grounding yourself with breath exercises, and practicing gentleness to overcome others’ abuse of strength.

Empaths and would-be empaths, both, will find inspiration and practical guidance in this book.