In this book, a popular empathetic healer and YouTube spiritual teacher (177,000+ subscribers at recent count) offers teachings for experiencing the differences between human beings as paths to rediscover our interconnections.

Emotions and experiences of pain, discomfort, “outsider” status, and feeling rushed are all presented as opportunities for re-orienting ourselves toward self-love, fresh connections, understanding past trauma, and other forms of personal understanding. “Each difference we sense in others can become a profound invitation to explore a greater depth of interconnectedness,” Kahn explains.

Matt Kahn is a good teacher, and this is a wise and patient book. He has much to say about diversity, boundaries, wholeness, healing, transformation, and gratitude.

See the excerpt accompanying this review for an example of Kahn’s teaching focused on patience in ways that we found fresh and illuminating.

He began writing when the pandemic was at its height. The introduction explains, “While many believe our evolution as a species has placed us at the brink of despair, I see this as a golden opportunity to awaken our consciousness on the largest scale possible. Maybe it’s the wake-up call this world never knew it needed.”

What does the subtitle mean? “Holding space” means allowing your experiences of fear, distrust, hurt, pain, and other difficult emotions and past experiences to be, to be “held,” and to be expressed, in order for necessary healing to take place.