Christina Baldwin opens up journal writing and converts it into a spiritual practice. Here this medium becomes a tool for self-exploration for those on a quest for the soul. Baldwin, who has taught journal writing at workshops for 20 years, lays out helpful techniques to unleash writing, such as entries made during a prescribed period of time, flow writing, dialogue writing, and unsent letters.

"Spiritual discipline is a process of claiming our own authority, deciding to train ourselves, to align ourselves with purpose," Baldwin notes. She offers ways to take inventory of one's spiritual history and to reflect upon sacred moments. There are also exercises on experiencing spirituality through love, forgiveness, trust, and acceptance. Baldwin's meditations on greeting silence, finding an inner guide, and becoming a child of the universe are all very helpful.

Life's Companion: Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest is the best resource available on this subject. It can serve as a catalyst to help you perceive the soulful dimensions of your life in the everyday passage of time.