Mouni Sadhu once remarked: “The words of great teachers and guides of humanity are streams of power and light.” For 25 years, Parabola Magazine has featured interviews with great religious, spiritual, and philosophical leaders from all of the wisdom traditions. This quarterly of myth and tradition has provided for its loyal readers a dependable source of power and light.

David Appelbaum and Joseph Kulin have selected twenty-two interviews for Gathering Sparks and have organized them under five thematic units — “The Roots of Reality,” “Finding Our Place,” “Confronting Our Humanity,” “The Indigenous Perspective,” and “Approaching Presence.” The foreword is by Parabola Senior Editor Marvin Barrett.

All those on a quest for meaning will find ample resources here to stir the mind and soul. Some of our favorites are Marion Woodman on addiction, Frederick Franck on fear, Elie Wiesel on being a witness to history, Sobonfu Somé on fate, Father Bede Griffiths on the silent witness, and William Segal on prayer.