Nan C. Merrill is editor of the monthly newsletter Friends of Silence and author of Psalms For Praying: An Invitation to Wholeness. In this collection of meditations and lyrical musings, she probes the manifold meanings of the Spirit-quake of our times. "We are here on Earth to lift and deepen our own awareness and that of creation: co-partners in the Divine Plan for the divinization of all creation." This high and holy calling is what unites spiritual mystics of all the world's religions.

Merrill proclaims that the spiritual practice of silence is a gateway to bringing contemplation and action together. It enables us to drink deeply of inner Wisdom, to cultivate a keen appreciation of the marvels of others, and to connect with the Divine Guest. The bounties bestowed upon us by silence open our eyes to the necessity of serving others.

It also fuels the contemporary quest for unity: "As we welcome into our awareness the Oneness of humanity, the interbeingness of All, a new creativity will flourish around the world; justice, harmony, and beauty will prevail in all walks of life." Rebels of the Spirit, as Merrill calls all those animated by Light and Love, are opposed to the divisions of our era where nations, ethnic groups, and politicians continue to proffer hate and warfare as the answer to our most intractable problems. "Imagine a world of unity, where everyone is accepted as a unique consciousness of equal value: essential to the Whole."

Merrill has followed her heart-song, and we are the beneficiaries of her inner work. These musings are proof positive of the fruitful and abundant harvest of the precious spiritual practice of silence.