In this memoir, John S. Dunne faces the roads he has not taken in his life. In the process, he bumps up against his shadow and his unlived life. Having chosen the way of words, Dunne, who holds the John A. O'Brien Chair in Theology at the University of Notre Dame, reconnects with the way of music, a path that expresses "the natural prayer of the soul." Having chosen the solitary way of spiritual adventure, the author now rejoices in the way of companionship.

Dunne sees his entire life as an endless conversation and these pages are brightened by quotations from some of the author's favorite writers, including Ludwig Wittgenstein, Baruch Spinoza, J. R. R. Tolkien, Wilhelm Grimm, St. John of the Cross, St. Augustine, Marcel Proust, and Franz Kafka. At one point, Dunne writes, "Grace is the kindling of the heart and the illumining of the mind." What a beautiful definition! The Music of Time hallows the mystery that shines through words, music, and spiritual friendship. It is a bountiful theological work for those whose hearts are brimming with longing.