"Overcoming anxiety is more than a possible dream; it is a central tenet of Christian spirituality," writes Gregory K. Popcak, a Christian psychotherapist with a nationally syndicated daily radio program, Heart, Mind & Strength. Far too often, we cooperate with stress in our lives by thinking that it is our job to make everything work out for ourselves. We dig deep holes of anxiety and then fall into them. Popcak outlines ten types of faulty thinking including catastrophizing (making mountains out of molehills), polarized thinking, personalizing (being hypersensitive or too thin-skinned), and adhering to the should's (legalistic, rigid standards).

The author presents case histories of people who have struggled with anxiety and fear; quizzes to help readers tap into their feelings about the stress; journal exercises; and helpful techniques for reducing stress. For reassurance, he quotes Romans 8:28: "We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose."

In the chapter titled "Spiritual Tools for Overcoming Anxiety," the author points to the importance of resting in God's grace as an antidote to pressure and stress. He suggests relying on sacramentals, which he defines as "anything that reminds us of the greatest mystery in the world: that God is with us, that he loves us, and that every day he is struggling, suffering, and celebrating right beside us." Some people use holy medals, icons, or holy water in their homes. The spiritual practice of joy is another remedy; fill your heart, mind, and soul with joy and there won't be room for stress. God Help Me! contains helpful advice from a seasoned Christian counselor.