This self-help package contains a tri-fold introductory information card and 50 cards with an inspirational image on one side and a text to help you relax on the other. The visual images consist of scenes from nature, shapes and mythic symbols (such as yin/yang). Some of the cards encourage visualization exercises while others suggest exercises you can do in the course of the day to bring intimations of tranquility into your experiences.

In the spirit of divination cards, you can choose a card at random from the deck and place it text-side in front of you. Then after you have absorbed the healing powers of the exercise or practice, turn the card over and let the image sink into your consciousness. The information card also suggests ways to share some leisure moments with others in “The Relax Deck Game.”

One of the best visualization cards is called “The Hot Air Balloon.” It encourages you to lighten the load of worries you are carry by imagining a large hot air-balloon with an empty wicker basket. Fill it with your problems and then see it take off, float up into the sky, and vanish over the horizon. Your worries have gone with it. Other visualization cards are “The Beehive,” “Swimming With Dolphins,” and “The Window to the Future.” In each of these imagination and play combine to create peace within.

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