Over the centuries the Romany people — known as gypsies — picked up a reputation for being fortune tellers. Perhaps they learned this skill because of their vagabond lifestyle and their constant need to improvise a livelihood while on the move. In this book and set of 36 cards, Lady Lorelei explains the different ways of card-reading from a simple one card drawing to answer a yes-or-no question to a multiple card spread in order to consider various ways to handle a challenge facing you.

The interpretations of the 36 cards are quite interesting. For example, the star card is an indication of good luck. The keyword is inspiration. The star's meaning is: "You are receiving inspiration from a divine source and need to look inward for what you need, be it psychic vision, universal truth, or a fresh idea. Listen to your muse. This card advises you to slow down and be introspective. Take time to meditate and listen for the answer that is being given to you by a mystical source." The star's challenge: "Why do I deserve to be divinely inspired?" The gypsy wisdom from this card is: "Stars are not seen by sunshine." Other cards include the flowers indicating a gift, the clasped hands about friendship, the ring signifying partnership, and the sword designating life's challenges.