In this book, Marsha Sinetar's sets out to demystify spirituality by discussing its practical aspects and everyday dimensions. The bestselling author of Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow defines this slippery term as "our tendency toward the ineffable core of our creative self. It is a mystical sense, the subtle perception and feeling of sacredness that drives our quest for God, overarching meaning or purpose."

Sinetar explains how spiritual transformation rocks a person's worldview and sense of self. Value shifts take place which set one on a different path. The development of self-respect and the thirst for meaning are part of the growing pains of spirituality. Instead of the old routines of pride and prejudice, relinquishment becomes much more appealing. Former dependencies give way to new fountains of creativity.

Sinetar concludes A Way Without Words with a seven-session section consisting of scriptural readings, topics for discussion or journal exercises, and ecumenical inter-faith ideas. The point is to assist those who are just beginning their spiritual journey with down-to-earth suggestions on prayer, meditation, and ritual.