This book presents a full-tilt attack on the soul-violating institutions in America which seek to control our lives. Their stifling of our independence and creativity spawns addictions of all types. Denise Breton and Christopher Largent ("The Soul of Economies — Spiritual Evolution Goes to the Marketplace") argue that a paradigm shift away from the domination model which encourages lies, secrets, restrictions, and cover-ups is the best path to recovery on both a personal and societal level.

Using illustrative material from popular culture, philosophy, science, economics, business, politics, and history, the authors imaginatively spin out a soul-honoring personal, cultural, and global paradigm. This transformative spiritual vision uses dialogue to create harmony and renewal in social systems. It emphasizes self-knowledge, inner worth, the connectiveness of all things, and a heightened consciousness seeking meaning and truth in the midst of everyday life. "The Paradigm Conspiracy" is a philosophical masterwork that will enable you to see yourself and the world with fresh eyes.