Stephen and Ondrea Levine share in this book their experiences and ideas on developing a mystical union. This husband and wife team have done workshops together on meditation, healing, and dying. When Stephen fell in love with Ondrea 15 years ago, he asked his Buddhist teacher how this would affect his practice. The response was, "Affect your practice? It is your practice." The Levines' Buddhist perspective informs their emphasis upon mindfulness, forgiveness, and loving-kindness as central to an intimate, conscious, committed relationship. They discuss the healings, the sharing of dreams, and the psychic interconnections which have grown out of their attunement to each other. The Levines use the laboratory of their own relationship to develop meditations which couples can use to deepen their connection with each other. Also included are chapters on loving your parents, sexuality, unfinished business, children, and the death of a loved one.