This collection of excerpts from the writings of Henri J. M. Nouwen is keyed to the nine seasons of the liturgical year. Editor Michael Ford Wounded Prophet: A Portrait of Henri J. M. Nouwen) has included material from 40 different books. In the introduction, he quotes what this prolific spiritual writer told him:

"I have always felt that, if you want to talk about faith, you have to be able to talk about your doubt. If you want to talk about hope, you have to talk about despair. If you want to talk about joy, you have to talk about darkness. If you want to speak about salvation, or redemption or freedom, it's very important that you're willing to speak about what you're being redeemed from and what you're being set free from. The spiritual life is a constant choice to let your negatives become an opportunity for conversion or renewal."

Similar thought-provoking material follows in chapters on Advent: Season of Waiting; Christmas: Season of Peace; Epiphany: Season of Revelation; Lent: Season of Repentance; Holy Week: Season of Passion; Easter: Season of Hope; Pentecost: Season of Spirit; Transfiguration: Season of Glory; and Recollection: Season of Remembrance. Whether writing about patience, forgiveness, celebration, or compassion, Nouwen always managed to find a new angle to these spiritual intangibles and to make them relevant to our lives. With this lovely volume, you can savor these pearls of wisdom in conjunction with the rhythms of the liturgical year.