Invisible Lines of Connection by Lawrence Kushner is an eye-opening work of wisdom. In the eight extraordinary books he has previously written, Rabbi Kushner proved to be an uncommonly good prospector, mining ancient and modern texts for meaning. His latest is as good as those that have come before it, only this time he focuses on everyday spirituality with illustrations from his own life. A computer game enables the author to think about purpose; an eye malady becomes an occasion to consider the spiritual practice of gratitude; dancing the Hokey Pokey signifies radical involvement in life; and jury duty sharpens his understanding of the nature of forgiveness. God works wonders through the mundane and helps us all to see ourselves as "players in a sacred story."

I love the way Kushner emphasizes the invisible lines of connection which link us together in the spiritual unfolding of the world. Here is a book that will stop you in your tracks and give you fresh ways of reframing the sacred experiences of your life.