This beautiful and unusual devotional resource is based on a concept by Tad Wise (Blessings on the Wind: The Mystery and Meaning of Tibetan Prayer Flags), text and illustrations by Robert Beer (The Handbook of Tibetan Buddhist Symbols), and paper engineering by David A. Cooper who is the creator of more than forty pop-up titles. Here you will find pop-ups of five important Tibetan deities along with brief histories and appropriate mantras. Shakyamuni Buddha helps develop morality and meditation; Padmapani Avalokiteshvara teaches compassion; Green Tara protects from fear and brings longevity; Manjushri inspires knowledge and wisdom, and the Medicine Buddha alleviates affliction and suffering. This portable gallery of traditional thangka paintings can be used to create the peace and quiet of meditation, solve problems, or inspire change in your habitual behaviors.