Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks have used their 24-year marriage as a workshop for conscious relationship. She has been a pioneer in the field of mind-body integration for 30 years, and he was a professor of counseling at the University of Colorado for 21 years. They are the authors of more than 25 books. On this helpful book-and-CD set, the Hendricks spell out some methods for drawing genuine and lasting love into your life.

They begin with exercises to measure any unconscious commitments that might hinder your development of in-depth relationships. They believe that before you can invite love into your life, you must make "a soul-level commitment" that involves self-acceptance. The Hendricks outline the four qualities of conscious relationships — honesty, appreciation, listening, and practicing impeccable integrity — and conclude with a questionnaire titled "A Gift to My Ideal Partner: Some Helpful Things to Know About Me." The eight guided exercises on the CD include a commitment meditation, a learning to love yourself meditation, and a body scan. The material on this book-and-CD is just right for anyone embarking on a serious love relationship!