In the introduction to this follow-up to Notes to Myself (1970), a five-million-copy bestseller, Hugh Prather laments his former preoccupation with "the unconnected or unserving self." Now a Methodist minister in Tucson he is more interested in oneness and the interdependence of all things.

This paperback contains field notes from his continuing spiritual journey. "God speaks to us in a thousand voices, each with the same clear message: I love you. Please trust me on this one." The trouble is the ego loves building walls of separation and judgment. "Egos clash," Prather acknowledges. "That's the nature of egos. Treat these outbursts as sneezing fits." Good advice. Prather counsels that it is important in all intimate relationships to stay away, as much as possible, from demands and ultimatums. He suggests using the following mantra: "I am wholly at peace with the way you are."

Throughout the book, Prather salutes the spiritual practices of silence, being present, attention, peace, and forgiveness. At one point, he notes, "Beneath the garments of the world is joy." Not a bad way to honor the beauty, mystery, and grace at the heart of the spiritual adventure of life.